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Nature made it first!

When we talk about smart materials, words of electronic, sensors and circuitry came immediately to our minds. Natural Process Design Inc seems to think differently, opening up our view to a new world of smart materials. This American based company, lead by Dr Carolyn Dry, strives to demonstrate through its research that the evolution of our technological world is not only reliable on electronics and high technologies.

Specialised in the development of self repairing matrices, Natural Process Design has developed several materials/technologies that address the issue of how to build with processes of nature and concurrently take up some of the effluents of our fossil fuel/CFC economy and prepare for a new non fossil fuel/CFC economy. Following the idea that nature builds with :

1- Cheap and recycled materials

2- Can self sense

3- Can self repair

4- Return from the state of created form to the state of raw material by recycling

5- Self form

6- Improve the environment

…Natural Process Design has created series of materials as smart as the natural world executed them million years ago. From CO2 absorbing concrete to clean polluted air to self sustaining material able to sense and repair themselves, lowering the need for human maintenance and extending materials life cycle, Dr Carolyn Dry has found a perfect translation of nature processes to serve our current needs for a more sustainable way of living.


These self repairing materials can be self sensing of the state of damage and repair. Further, these self repairing and self sensing materials could help materials survive longer and thus reduce the use of oil. Natural Process Design Inc made self repairing and sensing components for airplanes such as wings which they are now commercializing.

The making of cement produces 10% of the world’s CO2. Natural Process Design Inc developed a self repairing cement/concrete so that less cement would need to be replaced.



Contact : Natural Process Design Inc, Winona, MN, USA