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Judit Eszter Karpati : Chromosonic

Judith Eszter Karpati_ Chromosonic


Cindy Strobach : Electro colour


cindy strobach

Photo : Cindy Strobach

Structural colour

(reblog from BLAINE BROWNELL “Minds and Matter” Blog )

“Structural color is a natural phenomenon in which color is produced by the optical interference of light rather than by traditional pigments. Familiar examples of the effect include a peacock’s brilliant plumage or the eye-catching wings of the morpho butterfly. Materials scientists and manufacturers have been fascinated with this phenomenon, which has the potential to eliminate the need for traditional paints or sealants in manufactured products. Various attempts have been made to recreate these optical effects synthetically—but not without difficulty, given the complex nature of microscopic light interference structures.

Earlier this month, scientists at the Department of Physics and the Graduate School of Nanoscience and Technology at theKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology published an article in Nature describing their development of a display to emulate the structural color effect in morpho butterfly wings. The technology is made of glass beads that are organized to mimic a naturally occuring structure that is composed of both organized and disorganized layers at nanometer scale. The researchers sealed the layers of glass—which exhibit greater brightness but less color change than the butterfly wings—in thin plastic film for protection. Potential commercial applications include low-power reflective displays as well as security coatings for objects such as currency or mobile phones.”